All my life i’ve loved the Underdog!!

i wonder why, haha! So often the last guy picked on the neighborhood lot, never being matched by anyone in shortness of stature! (Oh, Yeah?! That made me unpitchable, especially when i added my crouch…always on base and so often to the plate!!! Only problem: i got plunked alot.)

From the moment i could wager (and shall i confess, even long before i could), summer nights throughout my teens, my buddies and i arrived early at Brandywine Raceway in Delaware so we could study the program and find that “Also Ran” who’d make us proud and a little bit rich ($20 = rich). Happy to say it happened more than once, the longshot victory feeling so much greater than the sure win’s win, with its 20 cent profit!)

My teenage Autumns were spent scrambling around the backfields with Francis Tarkenton. Nobody ever did it better than #10, though he never made it to the big prize. Three Super Bowls, three losses. More tears shed with each one. Underdog? i think not! Fran, you KNOW how many of us will always consider YOU the BEST of them all!!!

And although i swore and swore it could never happen, i was converted into Red Sox Nation in October, 2004 by the “NO WAY MIRACLE OF SPORT.” When i saw with my very own eyes that UNNNNNNNNNNNNBelievable Green Monstah Mash 0130161919

after an 86 year accursed drought and the Comeback to end all comebacks, my belief in Underdogs was rewarded like never before and never since.

But Biggest of all, for all my life, though very much in secret – so as not to get my butt kicked by whatever home-fans i was hanging around – i have made several thousand prayerful appeals to God and His Angels for the Underdogs of Underdogs,the Chicago Cubbies, dry and barren for 107 years. 2015 looked to be “the Beaut!” OR THEN, maybe next year??

There’s nothing… nobody, like an underdog. YA GOTTA LOVE ‘EM!

Well, the thrill of Boston ’04 – and then again in 2013, when so many of those old-time Red Sox fans were feeling their oh so familiar “agony of defeat” and were screaming, “The bums are back!!” And i said, NO, THEY’RE GONNA DO IT AGAIN!!!

That magical, mystical feeling for a most unlikely hero came back to me again, when the New York Times bosses looked through the vast crowd in Iowa and settled on the face of little (haha, little?! a wise and well-seasoned veteran in the business!!!) John Kasich of Ohio, saying that HE – not Trump, not Cruz – has what it takes to be the next Republican President!! “The QUIET Man of Ohio!!!” WOW! my UNDERDOG BLOOD is a-boilin’ again. Oh, Man!!! Finally some sense has returned to the Great Republic!!


Many believe they have as much chance as a Rainbow meeting a Lightning Bolt! Well, then i say, GO, JOHNNY, GO!!!! You CAN DO IT!! As the incomparable announcer of Brandywine Raceway, Roy Shudt, would’ve put it, “Heeeeeeeeeere they come…..There they goooooooooo!” Look at this, folks….movin up on the outside, it’s Go Johnny Go…

And so can those Cubbies…GO…Go…Never Give Up…GO!!!!!!



Author: friardad

what's it like having a wife and six kids after having been a friar for many years and being still married to St. Francis' Lady Poverty?

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