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If the man on the right gets enough votes on November 8, these would be perhaps the TWO MOST POWERFUL MEN ON EARTH! i often reflect upon their platforms and persons, and i cannot imagine two farther apart. Each one’s “plan” calls for DRASTIC CHANGE – even to the very CORE – and at the center of each man’s plan is a 5 letter word that starts with M and ends with Y.

Donald Trump constantly holds as his “Trump-card” his ability to make MONEY, lots of it, as if that is the Be All and End All of Life. Americans’ Fascination with Millionaires and Billionaires is very much behind the great mob who march behind him, although his having ten billion has so little to do with their having any of it, just as a Washingtonful of rich people have never helped us make any. Do they REALLY think that a “White House North” in a Gold Tower in New York is REALLY gonna make a difference?!

POPE FRANCIS instead says over and over and over that it is all about MERCY. Mercy heals, Mercy brings true peace. And do you know what? MERCY even has a lot to do with money, as he repeats wherever he goes around the globe, when it has to do with the fair distribution of wealth (ya see, he is sooooooooooooo concerned with every man’s real life problems.) He’s not saying something new. In fact, what he says is in an old prayer i pray every day.

Every morning…and every night i say this same prayer, that everything will work out for my great nation. i bet the Pope would love it, too, if he knew it. Heck, you would think he EVEN WROTE IT, if you didn’t know better…that it was written by a man who was just informed that the Victory of War was his…written in a little house just a few miles away from mine…i can almost see his porch from mine.

“Imprint on our hearts now a deep sense of our obligations for those Incomparable Mercies that have been shown to us as a nation, preserve us from the arrogance of prosperity, and render this country more and more a safe asylum for the unfortunate of this world. Dispose us all to love Mercy and do justice, and to dress ourselves with the same humility, charity, and pacific temper of Him without a humble imitation of whose example we can never hope to be a happy nation, Jesus my Lord!” – General George Washington

i have never prayed this prayer without my body being covered in goose-bumps! It was written from the deepest depths of a man who had just visited Hell…and lived to tell.


Interesting, Bernie Sanders does not want to see God-talk mixed with politics, and yet there is hardly a man, in Bernie’s opinion, who knows how to live or how to lead better than one of these men…Clue: he’s not on the right.


Author: friardad

what's it like having a wife and six kids after having been a friar for many years and being still married to St. Francis' Lady Poverty?

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