When i started my little blog a while ago, i swore that i would never engage it in politics. At the present moment, however, i cannot hold my tongue. While i am an American through and through, my great-grandparents came from England and Scotland and Ireland, and as i just watched a Special Session of Parliament to discuss the words and behavior of a fellow New York American, i must say how proud i was of my Motherland.

It was from your BEAUTIFUL though often COMICAL, even WACKY, form of government – i.e. PEOPLE STATING JUST WHAT’S ON THEIR MINDS – that we got our own Congress. Today i feel that i must do the same. And to do so in the form of an Apology – along with a prayer request – to my fellow Brits. i am aware that this blog is often read “across the pond,” and i hope that many of the 600,000 who petitioned the MotherHouse will read it.

One of the greatest heroes of my life was Winston Churchill. The highest compliment i have ever received was after a speaking engagement in Lodi, New Jersey. An old soldier, veteran of World War II, approached me and told of the day when the Prime Minister arrived by surprise on the Western Front in order to give some encouragement to the troops. Then, the sweet man said, “You reminded me of Winston!” i have no idea how, but even now it encourages me to make this apology. Mister Churchill ran around for a long time…to so many places…asking the same question, “Are we blind? How can this all be happening? How can we not see such a clear and present danger????!!!!”

When we look back 80 or so years ago, we say it over and over and over and over again, almost as if it didn’t really happen…IT COULDN’T HAVE HAPPENED in a civilized world! One little tiny man, suffering from the most severe humiliation he received in a foxhole in World War I, had sworn REVENGE and pledged OUR COUNTRY WILL BE GREAT AGAIN!!! He was brought to his knees, and this can’t be! So, a master wordsmith with this raging, blazing spiritual fire in his belly, FIRE OF HATE, went on to accomplish something UNNNNNBELIEVABLE! We look back and say, “How could it have happened?” Especially when that one little man somehow put most of the blame on one group of people, the Jews??? The crazy man, who spoke even more convincingly than Winston, captured 1 vote, then 2, then 4. He doubled it to 8, then 16, then 32, 64, 128…do the math…and before you knew it, his fire and his words resulted in 50 million dead.

NO WAY DID IT HAPPEN, and yet, YES IT DID! But if that doesn’t surprise, it is happening again. An attempted rise of another reich! Another Nation Will Be Great Again! It has been brought to its knees, and this can’t be! Only THIS little man, though he’d surely challenge my adjective, whose speeches somehow draw more and more listeners daily, puts HIS heaviest blame on Mexicans and Muslims. His words are hardly masterful, but his Fire of Hate is very sure! If someone challenges him, he cuts them down with, “You’re an idiot” or “He’s a jerk!” And it works! i am wondering whether my America, which he undoubtedly would rename by his own name – when he makes it great again (he will feel that the new title is well deserved) – is my America destined to crumble into dusty memory like all of the empires before it?

That was the farthest farthest thing from the mind of its father, the Big Man who always considered himself just a little – and sinful – man, George Washington. As he sat – or more likely KNELT – in his tiny house in Newburgh, New York, with VICTORY surely within his grasp, he began to write (his letters always mixed with prayers) to the new nation. So so many were already calling him the New King George, but he would have NONE OF IT!!! To him it was perfectly clear that this nation owed everything to God and that it was, therefore, meant to be SOMETHING TRULY UNIQUE, a beacon and a refuge to the whole world. Prosperity, no matter how small or how ENORMOUS it became, was meant for EVERYONE! “Me,” your King? No, No, NO! He wept. He pleaded that they understood what it was all for, as he knew what inevitably became of every empire. Here it is, plainly and simply:


Interesting! How interesting that just down the road a bit from that little house, in between the George and Martha’s longest home during the Revolution and our great West Point stands the New York Military Academy FOR KIDS! His parents, Fred and Mary Anne Trump, sent their son, Donald, there, hoping it would knock some sense into his stubborn head. Maybe that was a humiliation for him??? i don’t know. i don’t know what happened, except that he must have missed class on the days when the teachers did readings from the Supreme Commander-in-Chief and First Father of this Glorious Nation under God.

The boy did not turn out to be a Statesman. He clearly does not have plans to negotiate. Diplomacy will not be high on his priority list. If they do not see it my way, they are just idiots, and idiots should be wiped out, obliterated. The whole Middle East should be leveled. Hey! what an awesome parking lot it could be for the world’s grandest casino-hotel, TrumpWorld International. If Mr. Trump cannot learn from the FIRST and the GREATEST REPUBLICAN, Mr. Lincoln, that you can’t just call people who have a different opinion than you TERRIBLE TERRIBLE NAMES, if the Donald cannot listen to his opponents, if – God forbid! – enough of my fellow Americans show up blind on November 8 and elect this man, the USA will be the laughingstock of the world, and i can only say, GOODBYE, USA! The Greatness is Gone! Interesting, how so many other Republicans at the time called ABE LINCOLN every hideous name they could muster up! And he shut them all up in the end – by his uncanny ability (call it humility and a lifetime of studying George Washington) to listen to them!!! Secretary of War Edwin Stanton was one of the biggest name-callers of them all. It was he who stayed by the President’s side, in the highest and most sincere respect, from the hour he was shot…all night long…in the Peterson house…until the GREAT REPUBLICAN breathed his last breath.

Once upon a time a very funny and odd, but very wise statesman named Winston Churchill kept asking his countrymen and anyone around the globe who could hear his voice, “How can so many be so blind? How can we allow this to happen AGAIN?” i swore i’d never use my little blog for politics, but to me this isn’t politics. There is a new “clear and present danger” to my beloved country and to the world. i can’t be silent. YES, YES, YES, YES, my country and yours, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland….we are in very bad straits, we need much help, we need good, solid, and courageous leadership. We must take on those who would threaten our freedoms and our securities. So, as i write to you in APOLOGY, i write to you in PRAYER. Let us PRAY EVERY DAY for each other and for the world and continue to work together to find wise and reasonable and good solutions. God bless us all.


Author: friardad

what's it like having a wife and six kids after having been a friar for many years and being still married to St. Francis' Lady Poverty?

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