1022151428I’d rather sit on a pumpkin and have it to myself than be crowded on some velvet cushion. -Thoreau

i just tripped up my front steps. Almost clunked my head on the porch post.

Suddenly noticed the once green, now multicolored vine wrapped round.1022151653a

i think Autumn – more than any other season – bids us to STOP…

Take notice…902234_10200884837028811_457115001_o

Or take a Vacation INTO the Ordinary…with all of its WONDERS!!!

Dust off your copy of Walden – or go get one as soon as you can.

And just WATCH the Greatest Show on Earth.

“How beautifully leaves grows old, how full of light and color their last days.” John Burroughs1022151644

p.s. my heart really goes out to those who live in places with no Autumn Show. Just as i have always longed to see the Northern Lights.

(The GREAT sit-able PUMPKIN – compare it to that blue morning glory underneath – belongs to my buddy, Benny Zaken. Go take a seat…while eating some pumpkin yogurt at Benny’s Frozenberry, Broad and Main in Fishkill, N.Y. Another mini Autumn Vacation!)


Author: friardad

what's it like having a wife and six kids after having been a friar for many years and being still married to St. Francis' Lady Poverty?


  1. Love the leaves in the shape of a heart! I have a friend who recently moved to Florida with her family and is yearning for Autumn. It is bothering her down to her core. I keep sending her pictures!


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